Sunday, July 14, 2013


Wantable finally pulled me in with their buy the first month, get the second month free deal. I thought I was going to do the jewelry option, but after completing the questionnaire and seeing what they thought I would like I changed my mind and went for the beauty option. Wantable is $36 per month or you can get a one time box for $40.

The box:

First Look:

The card says this is actually the June box. Whatever. So June apparently is all about bright lips, matte nails, and glowing cheeks. 

A little extra something: Eye Gels
I'm excited to try these out.

The fact that it was wrapped up just made the anticipation that much greater.

The goods:

Simply Beautiful Cheek Tint
When I first saw the color I thought there was no way I would wear it. I have since tried it and I actually love it. It's really subtle which is my style.

Face Stockholm Matte Shadow Joy
A great flat coffee color which I can wear daily or glam it up for evening.

Mia BelleZZa Cream Gel Eyeliner Marrone
I love gel eyeliner and I indicated this on my profile so I was thrilled to see it in my box. Plus, I don't have any brown and it goes great with the eyeshadow from this month.

Face Stockholm Volumizing Mascara
Even though I prefer a subtle makeup approach I want dramatic eyelashes. This is a good mascara, but it doesn't wow me. 

Cala Retractable Lip Brush
I never use a lip brush. Maybe because i'm more of a chapstick or gloss kind of gal. Of all the tools they could have sent me this is probably the only one I wouldn't use. I'll pass it on.

The total value of my Wantable box for July is $90.50. Even with the lip brush that I won't use that is pretty terrific. For some reason I really fought this subscription. Maybe because I was inundated with their advertisements? I'm glad I finally caved, however, and I'm looking forward to next month. Especially since it's my free box!

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