Thursday, October 31, 2013

M Is For Monster 3 Month Giveaway!

m is for monster
Happy Halloween everyone! I have a very appropriate giveaway to bring you today... M is for Monster! This is a themed craft box for your toddler or pre-k kid. Subscriptions are $32.95 and they have a great add-on option if you've got more than one kid. Take a look at a couple previous boxes:

M is for Monster is giving one UBB reader a 3 Month Subscription! Don't miss your chance!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Yankee Hollow CHEESE GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

yankee hollow
That's right... we are giving away CHEESE!!! Yankee Hollow is a monthly subscription that sends you 2 to 4 varieties of artisan cheeses each month. Along with all that yummy cheese you'll get recommendations for food and beverage pairings. The monthly fee is $35. 
All this cheese talk is making me hungry. Sign up below to win 3 MONTHS of Yankee Hollow!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

PoopBuddy Coupon!

That's right. It's says poop. PoopBuddy has arrived to keep you stocked up on doggy poop bags. These aren't your run of the mill pet shop variety that come in grey or blue. These are stylin. For just $8-10 per month depending on the plan you choose you get 4 themed rolls plus treats and/or accessories. PoopBuddy was kind enough to stock me up for the month so I could share my thoughts with you. 
Could this package be any cuter?
I'm surprised but happy to see an info card. I guess I wouldn't expect one with poop bags :)
eco friendly bag
The variety I received. I love Halloween so this was an awesome assortment to get. 
This stuff takes the stink out! Perfect for those occasions when you have to carry a used bag around for a bit until you can locate a trash. I hate when the stink follows you for miles along a nice hike!
Here's why I like this dispenser: It's not shaped like a fire hydrant or a bone. Again, that's all you'll find in a pet store. This one is useful but not cheesy and the flashlight at the end is quite handy.
I'm quite please with my PoopBuddy package. Poop bags do double duty in my house because I also keep a roll of them in my diaper bag for when we are out and about and there isn't a means of disposing of a diaper right away. I'm excited to see what patterns they come up with next! 

Don't forget to use the code SUBMARINE to score 20% off your first month!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

RocksBox Free Month

I received my first RocksBox today and I couldn't wait to rip into it. This subscription is like having your own personal jewelry stylist. After taking a style quiz they send you 3 pieces worth an average of $200. You are then free to wear them around to decide if they are right for you. If not, you simply enclose them in the prepaid envelope provided to you and send them back! If you want to keep them you get 20% off the retail price. After you return the pieces you don't want and give your feedback regarding all pieces you received they send you a new set. So the more boxes you get the more your stylist gets to know just what you like. At just $19 a month you get to sport all sorts of new jewelry, even if you end up sending it back when you are done with it! You can also send them back immediately if you know they aren't right for you and have a new set sent. Regardless of how many swaps you do per month it's only $19. If you follow any of my links on this post you will get your first month free. Canceling can be done right on your account page. 

So here's what I got:
The Package
The Box and the return envelope.
I was dying to get it open at this point.
Bing Band Double Trident Ring
Gamine Lia Earrings
Ava Long Layered Necklace in Mixed metals. 

I know in my survey I indicated I was fine with gold, but this seemed like a lot of gold to me. The earrings were a definite no because they are way too long for me. I guess my ears are to close to my shoulders because the ends of these are actually resting on my shoulders. The necklace was hard to photograph but it's delicate and pretty. The ring may be a little too edgy for me. The issue is that the RocksBox quiz asks you things like if your style is romantic, edgy, bohemian, rock, etc. Maybe I like to think I'm a little edgy/rock-n-roll but in reality maybe I'm not.  Regardless, I'm going to put in my thoughts on this box and I can't wait for the next one. Don't forget that you can get your first box free by clicking HERE or on any other link in this post..

FYI- this post contains affiliate links. 

I've got a ton of giveaways happening now. 

Sparaj Giveaway!

Here is a box I wish I had. Sparaj is a monthly box of Asian wellness products. You can expect items such as aromatherapy, spa, bath and body, accessories and more. Sparaj offers 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plans but it's not a subscription. At the end of the plan you will not be charged again unless you choose to sign up for more boxes. Here is the price breakdown:

1 Month Subscription


Month Subscription


Month Subscription


12 Month Subscription


Since the inception of this box a few months ago it has sold out each month. In fact, November is already sold out. Here's your chance to get in on the action - Sparaj has offered one lucky UBB reader a 6 Month Subscription!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

BroBox 3 Month Giveaway

 This box is for the guys. I guess it's only fair we throw them a bone every so often. BroBox is an excellent way to send your man something special and yet unique. Each box contains items such as snacks, energy stuff, apps, games, tech and more. This makes an excellent birthday gift, anniversary present, or a care package for anyone in college or in the military. BroBox is not a subscription box. You can buy one as needed or buy a 3 or 6 month package.
 Boxes are $14.95 for a single month.
$39 for 3 Months
$72 for 6 Months

Take a look at what Subscription Box Mom has received in a couple of her boxes from BroBox:

BroBox is offering the UBB readers a chance to win a 3 Month Subscription! Enter below. Here are the other UBB's in case you need a refresher:

Friday, October 18, 2013


This could be my favorite Ipsy month yet. For just $10 a month I totally scored.
The Goods
The Bag - okay, I'm not loving this bag. It can go.
I used to use this stuff all the time, especially when my hair was shorter. I'm thrilled to get it. The had one that was just a couple ounces bigger on Amazon for $6.99 so I gave it a low estimate based off that.
I like Zoya polish (especially the Pixie stuff) but I don't love this color. It's a dark purple and I like lighter/brighter colors. I may find a new home for this one.
Yes, Yes, Yes. I love cleansing wipes (because I'm too lazy/tired to wash my face like a grownup) and I'm running low. Plus, we'll be hitting the road soon and these will come in handy. Believe it or not, I haven't tried LA Fresh yet. Somehow in all the sub boxes they come in I never get it! Price is calculated based on larger pack.
I have several shadow brushes but this is more of a contouring short stubbly one. I'm excited to see what I can manage with it. Because it's not my lack of makeup talent, it's the wrong tools, right?
Okay, so I know this is just Wet n Wild which you can find in almost any teenage girls backpack, but I freakin love the colors. They are perfect for me and just a little bit different from my usual colors.

So the value for the entire thing is $24.70. This is probably my favorite bag from Ipsy, yet, aside from the actual bag. I just checked it out and Ipsy ships to APO/DPO/FPO addresses! Yay for me! Ipsy is going to Japan with me!

MommiesFirst Council

Has anyone noticed that new button off to the right?? 


That's right.... I am now an official council member for MommiesFirst. You all know from my previous MommiesFirst posts as well as a couple of my monthly favorites list that I love love love them. I'm super excited to be able to provide them with more feedback so we all get the best boxes ever!

You can check out the entire MommiesFirst Council (including me!!) HERE!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Box of Happies Giveaway and Coupon!

Box of Happies
 Who doesn't want a box of things that make them happy? A Box Of Happies does just that by sending you hand-made items that could include accessories, jewelry, paper goods, bath and beauty, photography, and housewares. Boxes are $28.49 (including shipping) and they have the best subscription/non-subscription options out there. You can pick just one month or 3, 6, or 12 months. You can also sign up for a box this month and another in January if you just want a box every few months. 

Here are a couple of my favorite items from Subscription Box Mom's box:
nautical necklaceglass ring
The glass ring is a beautiful color and sparkly! The nautical themed necklace is perfect for us Navy wives!

Box of Happies is hooking up the UBB readers with two exciting deals. First, you can use code 2FORYOU to save $2 off any box. The second is a chance to win a 3 month subscription!!

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Monday, October 14, 2013


It's MommiesFirst time! My favorite baby box. Each month is $30 or a little less if you sign up for a longer term.
 The Box
 The note from Lorena. This months box is titled Baby Firsts and it's all about my little man making big leaps in his development.
 The best info cards by far.
Okay, so I really just don't get these. Why not put pants on? And while the colors are gender neutral for some reason they just seem girly to me. 
I'm very happy about this item. I am sure it will come in use, and I may even want more.
The only thing that bums me out about these is that I just purchase the exact same ones a few days prior. 
This is an all natural topical pain reliever geared towards accident prone toddlers. We are just getting into the serious crashes around here and I haven't had a chance to test this out. 
From previous posts you know I'm a huge Avaha fan. So I was very excited to see this product. 

This months value was $45.33. Pretty good for the $30 spent. This definitely wasn't my favorite MommiesFirst box, but they can't all be fabulous. Right now MommiesFirst only goes up to 12 months so we are quickly aging out. I'm impatiently waiting the announcement that they are expanding.