Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Wrap Up

Ah.... June. Summer finally came to New England!! I guess this is when it's supposed to show up but after being in the south a few years I expected it in March :) I celebrated summer arriving by.... Flying to Georgia! Where it was waaay more humid and hot! I loved it. So did the little man, who had his 4 month birthday this month! At nearly five months now we are getting about an 8 hour stretch of sleep at night, finally. Hallelujah. 

So the real reason for our Georgia trip was a birthday party for my good friend Wendy. She was my drinkin' buddy from my pre-kid days and I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to keep up anymore. I hadn't had a good Redbull and Jager (our drink of choice) in well over a year. I paced myself, only had two drinks (sad, I know) and outlasted the birthday girl. Guess that's what happens when you  turn 40 ;)

As a former swimmer, lifeguard, and swim instructor I've been dying to get Benji in the water! Our Georgia trip gave us the opportunity to visit both the pool and the ocean. The pool went very well!

He thoroughly enjoyed his first outdoor nap under the trees as well after a good swim.

The ocean looked cool but he wasn't thrilled when it actually touched him, despite the fact it was pretty warm. He had a bunch of scratches on his legs from his sharp little finger nails and I'm wondering if the salt water burned a bit. And yes, that wookie behind him belongs to me. 

I've signed up for a fun 5k at the end of September with a bunch of Navy ladies. I am very excited but I really need to get to work on the C25K. Because no, I can't actually run a 5k right now. I started week 4 today and failed miserably. Anybody else on the C25K journey?

So we have less than five months until our next move. Do we know where we are going yet? Of course not! I think there are somewhere around 8 possibilities right now. Yes, it's extremely frustrating. The hubs also has a summer break this year which means he's at home Every. Single. Day for the next 6 weeks or so. I'm thrilled for him. He deserves this nice little break. However, I might kill him being stuck with him that much! We've got some travel plans, though, and I'm really excited about them. I'll keep you all posted!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seriously Saturday

If this is your first Seriously Saturday I'll fill you in: I say seriously a lot, like seriously. It's been pointed out numerous times. Here are the things that are seriously bugging me this week:

 I ask my husband to get me spanish rice from the store, but not the Rice-a-Roni kind. What does he bring home? The off brand Rice-A-Roni spanish rice.

Why does the kid who mows my lawn have to show up and knock on the door, thereby causing the dogs to go nuts and bark, right after my kid goes down for a nap? Every time!

We've had a suspicious amount of mail disappear, or just never appear at this house. Including an IPhone and the flowers my son sent me for my first mothers day. Now a check has never arrived. I'm watching you mailman and neighbors!

The dental saga continues. I'm supposed to have root canal on Tuesday - fun!- but I can't find anyone to watch my kid. I'm just asking for a few hours. Us military wives are supposed to have each others backs. It looks like the NE attitude has rubbed off on the ladies. If I were still in the south this would not be a problem!

I'm annoyed with my own shopping habit. I've gotta cut back before my husband divorces me. Despite his inability to buy rice I would like to keep him around.

That's all I got! What's bugging you this week?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Lalaalu - Urban Artiste Baby

Lalaalu is a monthly box that used to require a subscription but now you can take a sneak peak and decide if you want to purchase each month. Boxes range from $30 to $40 and are geared for infants and kids. 

The box is not overly exciting.... just white with a sticker slapped on.

The Info Sheet
This month I received The Urban Artiste Baby Kidbox

The goods. I was impressed with how much stuff there was. This one was already looking better than last month.

Flip A Face
This is a CUTE book! My 4 month old appreciates the contrasting colors right now but I can see this book being popular amongst the young toddler crowd, too.

Babo Botanicals Clean Sport Shampoo and Wash
This stuff smells good! We just signed up for Mommy and Me swim class so this will go with us.

Little Black Book
Oh my god, did I just see "scratch and sniff"? I had a slight flashback to my childhood in the 80's and I couldn't wait to bust this book open. Turns out the only thing to "sniff" is a black licorice smell. Yuck! Still a cute book. It'll be a little while before my kid can appreciate it but that's alright.

I've received a bunch of these in other boxes but they've all been the very basics. These have some mashups which is a nice change. Haven't tried them out yet but they seem great for travel.

Little Pim French Bop
Hmmm... French music. Well, there are a couple songs I recognize.

Wee Gallery Art Cards
Simple cards with high contrast. I pulled them out the other evening when my kid was super fussy and he was mesmerized by them for nearly 15 minutes. 

Kinder By Nature Wipes
I'm happy to get wipes. I know I'll use them. That being said, I've already got a favorite so I'm usually super judgmental of new ones :)

Overall value of this box is 68.60. What a steal. All values were from current Amazon prices. Check 'em out:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love With Food - June

Love With Food is a monthly subscription service that sends you 8 or more gourmet foods. Plans are $12/month or a little less if you make a longer commitment. For every box you buy they also donate a box to a food bank to help end childhood hunger. In fact, for every June box that was sold they donated 2 boxes to the food banks in Oklahoma. You can 
 and use code FBGIFT to get your first box for just $2!!

This months theme is Summer Bash and it includes a great info card.

Seaweed Love
What's up with all the seaweed going around this month? I haven't seen a single review from anyone who actually liked this stuff. I need to give it to the husband. He'll eat anything.

Organic Flavrz
Received these in another box this month. Too sweet for my liking.

Do More Bars
Pineapple Coconut Cereal Bar did not sound to exciting to me. But then I got really hungry and I grabbed it and I was pleasantly surprised. 

Fruit and soy bar. I haven't been hungry enough to try it yet.

Turbana Plantain Chips
These were yummy! I could eat a lot more and if I saw them in the store I would definitely buy them.

Smooze Coconut and Mango Fruit Ice
I guess Love With Food interpretation of Summer is coconut. There are a lot of coconut items in this box. I would prefer just Mango on this one - but I'm sure it'll be good regardless.

GoOrganics Hard Candy
I threw these in my purse. I love having little candies readily available.

Surf Sweet Fruity Bears
This were delicious!
If you saw my previous post on this wine company you will know I am not a fan. They don't ship to my state, they ship very limited products to a neighboring state, they require you to buy 6 bottles.... I could go on and on. But needless to say you will be spending at least $50 out of pocket AFTER this giftcard.

Pur Gum
Not an overly strong flavor which is good because I'm not a pomegranate fan. Mellow and aspartame free which I love.

Love With Food also has a great points system. After receiving your box you can go online and review your items earning points to buy full size items.

Love With Food - Discover Great Food for a Great Cause

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conscious Box - June

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription that sends you an assortment of all natural products. Plans are $19.95 per month or a little less if you make a longer commitment. 
Click Here to try it out. Use code FIRSTBOXFREE and you will only pay shipping!!

First Look

Second Look
I noticed the sticker to seal the box closed was not properly on and this was all that was holding the box closed. Anyone could have opened the box and taken what they liked.

Inside presentation is very nice... but I can't help but think it's a bit wasteful to have a box inside of a box?

Am I missing it or did this postcard not say where this picture is? Where ever it is, I want to got there!

The box is definitely full of stuff.

Skout Gluten-Free Organic Trailbar
These were surprisingly good. Especially the Cherry Vanilla.

Larabar Alt Bar
I get worried when I see the word "fruit" in a bar. However, this was pretty good.

Molly Muriel Shampoo and Volcanic Bar
I've never used a bar shampoo and I'm excited to try it out tomorrow. 

Organic Flavrz Drink Mix
I preferred the Revive over the Boost. They were both very sweet.

Son for Men Soothe
I left this by my husbands razor for him to try it out tomorrow. He probably won't even see it there. Men.

Joint Mud
I have no need for this right now so I'm stashing it away for the next time somethings hurting.

Sneakz Veggie Milkshake
I tried this, and it made me cringe a little. I mostly tasted the brocolli and chocolate. I let my husband taste it and some swear words followed. He tasted carrots and chocolate and he was not a fan. I think we will pass on this one.

Cloud Buddy Wash
I have two larger dogs who are very dirty. I seriously doubt this sample will wash even half of one of them but I'll try it regardless.

Earth Friendly Hand Soap
This has a lemon smell, which isn't my favorite. Perfect for the guest bathroom :)

Natural Vitality Natural Calm
I could seriously use some more calcium and some more calm. Excited to try this.
I received one of these gift cards in another box this month. I am NOT impressed with  First, they don't ship to the state I live in. Okay, I live close enough to the border of the next state that I can have it shipped to a friends house. Of the 50 wines listed on their site.... only 19 are available in that  state. Then they require you to buy 6 bottles. And you still have to pay shipping of your order doesn't come to at least $100 AFTER the gift card is applied. No thank you.

Smock Sustainable Paper
This card is very cute, but it's dirty. Over the "To" is a black mark. I probably wouldn't give this card to anyone unless I just really don't like you but needed to give you a card anyway.

Overall, this was a fun box. A bunch of stuff I would never have tried which is exactly what I like to get in a box! Don't forget to use code FIRSTBOXFREE.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bluum - Solids!

Bluum was on the ball this month. Last month it seemed to take forever for the boxes to go out and I'm glad to see they stepped it up. Bluum is a monthly subscription for mom, baby, and toddler. The cost is $24.95/month. Follow the link below and use code "PAMPERS" for half off your first box!

 First Look:

This box is called Solid! It is designed for my 4 month old boy.

Brain Rules For Baby
$11.64 on Amazon

Baby Ecos Laundry Detergent
$.52 when compared to larger bottle on Amazon

Funktion Bottle Holder

Baby Comfy Nose
$10.18 on Amazon

Baby Banz
$9 and up on Amazon

B Kids Rubber Duck
$3.99 on Amazon

Nurturme Plump Peas
$1.80 on Amazon

 The total value of this box is $70. That really is awesome considering what I paid for it. I'm thrilled about the book and plan to dive into that once I wrap up my current book. Unfortunately, we already own the glasses (the exact style and all!) but I'm sure I can find someone who will be happy to have them! Good stuff this month.