Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Following the end of my favorite book club for the little man i've been on the search for a new club. I had heard of Sproutkin previously, so I figured it was time to give them a try. Before I signed up I contacted Sproutkin about a question I was unable to find on their faqs page. I received a very prompt reply and it convinced me it was time. Their subscription for infants and toddlers is $24.99 per month and you receive 2 to 4 board books and sometimes a toy. They also have a preschool program that sends you 10 books a month which you return when you are done. A mail library program.
 The box arrived very quickly after subscribing.
 First look wasn't too impressive. Messy.
A letter welcoming me to Sproutkin.
The theme this month is music.
The stack of books nicely presented.
This little owl was included to dance to the beat of the books.

Using Amazon to determine the values I come up with $24.35. Slightly below what I paid for it and I'm really surprised the owl is $12. It's a finger puppet! These sing-song books are also not the kind of books we would read at bedtime, and that is primarily when we read. I'm not blown away with my first box from Sproutkin. I'm looking forward to next month and hoping they wow me a little more.

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