Friday, September 6, 2013

The Other Box Giveaway!

The Other Box is a date box to share with your significant other. 
$25 per month.
Right now you buy one box at a time but they are hoping to go to a subscription service soon. 

While the obvious choice for this box would be for you and your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, ect. it would also make a great date for you and your kid. 
The other box
 It's nothing special, but this little heart on the box made me smile.
subscription box
 Green Grass! Appropriate for what's inside....
water bottles
 The Goods
golf ball
The plan for this date is miniature golf. I've never needed to take my own golf balls to miniature golf but the phrasing on them is great.
Two water bottles to take along on your adventure. 
 3 Nuun drink packets packed with electrolytes to keep you in top form on the course.

The information card also includes instructions for an extra game to play while golfing. The game is called FORE and whoever sinks the ball first gets to ask the other person a question that starts the word Four.  For example, four of your favorite movies. 

I really like the idea behind a date box but I would have liked it to be a stay at home date. I'm a bit out in the country and the closest miniature golf is at least 45 minutes away. Plus, it would mean finding (any paying for) a babysitter. I am looking forward to what they come up with next.

Here's your chance to win The Other Box's next date box!


  1. I'd love to give this as a gift to one of my many friends getting married in the next couple of months.