Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wantable Intimates

This month I switched up my Wantable box and went with the Intimates. Like the other Wantable boxes this one was $36 with a monthly subscription. Wantable makes it super easy to skip a month on any of your boxes and that's what I did with the makeup box this month. 
The box looks just like the makeup box.
wantable intimates
The Goods
These were too small for me and really not flattering. Talk about muffin top.
muk luks
I was only able to find them in a 2-pack on Amazon but one pair would be about $21. These tights are unbelievably soft. I don't really like the pattern, though, and there are a bunch of loose threads on them.
The info sheet from Wantable gives this top a value of $18... but it's $20 on the Coobie website. This is a one-size-fits-all top which at first really annoyed me because who do those things ever fit!! Turns out this totally fits me and is incredibly soft. It makes a great layering piece or lounging around the house top.
I absolutely love these socks. I had looked at this company recently because they have a monthly sock subscription :) I probably wouldn't pay $15 for these socks but I'm thrilled they came in my Wantable box. 

So my Wantable Intimates box had a value of $90. The big ticket item (the shapewear) unfortunately is a no go for me. Wantable has a great policy in regards to getting a full refund if you return the whole box but the refund is very minimal if you just send one or two things back. I looked at returning the shapewear and the tights back but I would only get a $3 refund. I will probably wear the tights even though they aren't my favorite and I can see about selling or trading the shapewear. Either way, I'm still in love with Wantable. I'm going to stick with the Intimates box for now.

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