Monday, November 18, 2013

e-Sentials - 3 Winners!

e-Sentials is a new time of the month box. Their boxes are very customizable depending on your needs. They offer three different packages ranging from $10 to $16. From there you choose the brand of tampons you prefer. Then the number of tampons and pads. If you choose a package that includes deodorant you have a large variety to choose from. Like I said, it's very customizable.

So here's what it looks like:
 The Box
 First Look
 The Goods
20 Tampons and Pads
3 Disposable Razors
1 Deodorant

e-Sentials is offering THREE UBB readers a THREE month subscription. Make sure you are doing all the mandatory tasks. We check!

1 comment :

  1. A fragrance or body mist would be a good addition.