Monday, June 24, 2013

Bluum - Solids!

Bluum was on the ball this month. Last month it seemed to take forever for the boxes to go out and I'm glad to see they stepped it up. Bluum is a monthly subscription for mom, baby, and toddler. The cost is $24.95/month. Follow the link below and use code "PAMPERS" for half off your first box!

 First Look:

This box is called Solid! It is designed for my 4 month old boy.

Brain Rules For Baby
$11.64 on Amazon

Baby Ecos Laundry Detergent
$.52 when compared to larger bottle on Amazon

Funktion Bottle Holder

Baby Comfy Nose
$10.18 on Amazon

Baby Banz
$9 and up on Amazon

B Kids Rubber Duck
$3.99 on Amazon

Nurturme Plump Peas
$1.80 on Amazon

 The total value of this box is $70. That really is awesome considering what I paid for it. I'm thrilled about the book and plan to dive into that once I wrap up my current book. Unfortunately, we already own the glasses (the exact style and all!) but I'm sure I can find someone who will be happy to have them! Good stuff this month.

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