Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conscious Box - June

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription that sends you an assortment of all natural products. Plans are $19.95 per month or a little less if you make a longer commitment. 
Click Here to try it out. Use code FIRSTBOXFREE and you will only pay shipping!!

First Look

Second Look
I noticed the sticker to seal the box closed was not properly on and this was all that was holding the box closed. Anyone could have opened the box and taken what they liked.

Inside presentation is very nice... but I can't help but think it's a bit wasteful to have a box inside of a box?

Am I missing it or did this postcard not say where this picture is? Where ever it is, I want to got there!

The box is definitely full of stuff.

Skout Gluten-Free Organic Trailbar
These were surprisingly good. Especially the Cherry Vanilla.

Larabar Alt Bar
I get worried when I see the word "fruit" in a bar. However, this was pretty good.

Molly Muriel Shampoo and Volcanic Bar
I've never used a bar shampoo and I'm excited to try it out tomorrow. 

Organic Flavrz Drink Mix
I preferred the Revive over the Boost. They were both very sweet.

Son for Men Soothe
I left this by my husbands razor for him to try it out tomorrow. He probably won't even see it there. Men.

Joint Mud
I have no need for this right now so I'm stashing it away for the next time somethings hurting.

Sneakz Veggie Milkshake
I tried this, and it made me cringe a little. I mostly tasted the brocolli and chocolate. I let my husband taste it and some swear words followed. He tasted carrots and chocolate and he was not a fan. I think we will pass on this one.

Cloud Buddy Wash
I have two larger dogs who are very dirty. I seriously doubt this sample will wash even half of one of them but I'll try it regardless.

Earth Friendly Hand Soap
This has a lemon smell, which isn't my favorite. Perfect for the guest bathroom :)

Natural Vitality Natural Calm
I could seriously use some more calcium and some more calm. Excited to try this.
I received one of these gift cards in another box this month. I am NOT impressed with  First, they don't ship to the state I live in. Okay, I live close enough to the border of the next state that I can have it shipped to a friends house. Of the 50 wines listed on their site.... only 19 are available in that  state. Then they require you to buy 6 bottles. And you still have to pay shipping of your order doesn't come to at least $100 AFTER the gift card is applied. No thank you.

Smock Sustainable Paper
This card is very cute, but it's dirty. Over the "To" is a black mark. I probably wouldn't give this card to anyone unless I just really don't like you but needed to give you a card anyway.

Overall, this was a fun box. A bunch of stuff I would never have tried which is exactly what I like to get in a box! Don't forget to use code FIRSTBOXFREE.

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