Monday, June 3, 2013

Bluum - Tummy Time

This month was our first Bluum and we received Tummy Time for my 3 month old son. Bluum experienced some serious shipping and customer service issues this month and it seemed to take forever to receive our box. I've seen a bunch of mixed reviews on the boxes this month but overwhelming negative ones for Tummy Time. 

What hit me first when I opened this box was the fact their seemed to be a lot of pamphlets and not a lot of "stuff". 

The info card is sporting a very cute kid. It might not be pc of me - but I don't say that about all kids. Probably not even of most. But I'd keep this one. 

The back of the card states this box is for a 4 month old. Fine by me - my kid is nearing 4 months and I'd rather have him grow into things than have them be too young. The card gives a little blurb about tummy time, but I wish it gave a little info on the products.

I can't find an exact price on this but after comparing it to bottles on Amazon I'm going to be generous and say $10.

It's a water bottle, and not one I'll use. I hate water bottles with lids. I'm more of a Camelbak fan with the pop up straw. I can't walk, push a stroller, talk, and constantly be screwing and unscrewing a lid. I just don't have it in me. Maybe some of you more experienced moms can do it.

Logical Drift: Colors of Asia
$9.99 on ITunes

I previewed this album on ITunes and I couldn't even make it through 90 sec. of it. If you enjoy the music played in spas and such than you will like this. It is very zen. At home for me, however, it would drive me batty.

Angel Dear Yellow Monster Lovey

This thing is not cute, but it is soft. What disappoints me about this is that looking at their website they have tons of similar loveys that are super cute. I just happened to get an ugly one. Oh, well. I'm sure my kid will love it. 

Bubbly Bird Teether

Just to be clear - this package did not come torn apart. I did that myself before I thought to take the picture. The bird is hard plastic with softer plastic wings. These types of teething toys seem to be hit or miss with kids. Mine isn't into this one today, but tomorrow it could very well be his favorite.


Here are the pamphlets and coupons that also came with. 20% off Angel Dear. $10 off the new Bobby pillow. Music from NYC-Music. A brochure on the Watch Over Me Dream Station which actually seems pretty cool but is only recommended up to age 5 months. It would be a waste at this point but it would have been nice when the kid was brand spankin new.

My Tummy Time Bluum box has a value of just under $39. I paid $18 so I guess I'll be happy with it. I've got a box coming in June for $12 (I signed up under a different email but watch out cause Bluum is onto those types of things!). Unless it's freakin fabulous I don't think I'll be continuing with this subscription. 

If you are interested in trying it out here you go:
The code Pampers will supposedly get you 50% off a box and they are super easy to cancel (right on their website, no call needed). 

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  1. Mmmm I have to google suscription boxes I have never heard of them. They sound fun. Thanks for sharing this. Anita : )