Saturday, June 29, 2013

Seriously Saturday

If this is your first Seriously Saturday I'll fill you in: I say seriously a lot, like seriously. It's been pointed out numerous times. Here are the things that are seriously bugging me this week:

 I ask my husband to get me spanish rice from the store, but not the Rice-a-Roni kind. What does he bring home? The off brand Rice-A-Roni spanish rice.

Why does the kid who mows my lawn have to show up and knock on the door, thereby causing the dogs to go nuts and bark, right after my kid goes down for a nap? Every time!

We've had a suspicious amount of mail disappear, or just never appear at this house. Including an IPhone and the flowers my son sent me for my first mothers day. Now a check has never arrived. I'm watching you mailman and neighbors!

The dental saga continues. I'm supposed to have root canal on Tuesday - fun!- but I can't find anyone to watch my kid. I'm just asking for a few hours. Us military wives are supposed to have each others backs. It looks like the NE attitude has rubbed off on the ladies. If I were still in the south this would not be a problem!

I'm annoyed with my own shopping habit. I've gotta cut back before my husband divorces me. Despite his inability to buy rice I would like to keep him around.

That's all I got! What's bugging you this week?


  1. Wish I was still there to watch your little B. :(

    1. The wonderful Mary came to the rescue and I got my root canal :)