Friday, June 28, 2013

Lalaalu - Urban Artiste Baby

Lalaalu is a monthly box that used to require a subscription but now you can take a sneak peak and decide if you want to purchase each month. Boxes range from $30 to $40 and are geared for infants and kids. 

The box is not overly exciting.... just white with a sticker slapped on.

The Info Sheet
This month I received The Urban Artiste Baby Kidbox

The goods. I was impressed with how much stuff there was. This one was already looking better than last month.

Flip A Face
This is a CUTE book! My 4 month old appreciates the contrasting colors right now but I can see this book being popular amongst the young toddler crowd, too.

Babo Botanicals Clean Sport Shampoo and Wash
This stuff smells good! We just signed up for Mommy and Me swim class so this will go with us.

Little Black Book
Oh my god, did I just see "scratch and sniff"? I had a slight flashback to my childhood in the 80's and I couldn't wait to bust this book open. Turns out the only thing to "sniff" is a black licorice smell. Yuck! Still a cute book. It'll be a little while before my kid can appreciate it but that's alright.

I've received a bunch of these in other boxes but they've all been the very basics. These have some mashups which is a nice change. Haven't tried them out yet but they seem great for travel.

Little Pim French Bop
Hmmm... French music. Well, there are a couple songs I recognize.

Wee Gallery Art Cards
Simple cards with high contrast. I pulled them out the other evening when my kid was super fussy and he was mesmerized by them for nearly 15 minutes. 

Kinder By Nature Wipes
I'm happy to get wipes. I know I'll use them. That being said, I've already got a favorite so I'm usually super judgmental of new ones :)

Overall value of this box is 68.60. What a steal. All values were from current Amazon prices. Check 'em out:

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  1. Wow, this really looks like great stuff that my little one would appreciate.

    FYI, just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award.