Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Citrus Lane - 4 Month Boy

Ok, better late than never. Here is my June Citrus Lane box. This is a monthly subscription that sends you age appropriate items for your kid. Plans start at $21/month. Follow my link and get $10 off!

I'm always happy to see this box waiting for me:

The goods: 

Susan Brown's Baby Foot Therapy
I don't ever use foot cream, but I should. Why not?

Susan Brown's Baby Diaper Therapy and Lotion
These look handy for our upcoming vacations!

Happy Baby Sweet Potato
We have a ton of these in the house and I'm happy to have another. My kid looooves his sweet potatoes.

Odd Duck
I had mixed feelings on this duck. My first thought was that it was cute. But when we added him to bath time I quickly learned he doesn't stay upright very well. He just flops right over. So then I didn't really get it. After doing some research I learned that the traditional rubber duckies and prone to some seriuosly disgusting mold on the inside. This Odd Duck does not take in water so no mold. After seeing pictures rubber duckies cut open and the amount of mold inside them I now 'get it'. 

iPlay Hat
A cute little reversible hat for my little man.

Citrus Lane also included discount info for iPlay and Susan Brown's Baby in case you love the items so much you needed more. I love Citrus Lane, it's one of my faves. It's the only one that I have a long term subscription with. 

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