Thursday, July 25, 2013

Citrus Lane - 5 Month Boy

$21 - $25 per month
A monthly subscription tailored to your child's age and stage.
When you use one of my links on this page you'll get $10 off your first month.

The box:
Zoli On-The-Go
This handy dandy little stacker has four separate containers for formula, snacks, or whatever you can think of. I can see this being very useful in a few months when my kid is ready for some finger food snacks.
$15 - side note... someone is selling this puppy on Amazon for $91. Good luck with that!
We keep getting these in boxes and I keep throwing them in a drawer for our upcoming vacation.
Little Buddy Wipes
I just had a Facebook post in regards to an article I read in which I stated I was not an Anti-Bacterial Mom. Well, if I've got them I'll use them. My kid constantly has crusty face now-a-days so this might help clean him up while we are out and about.
It's a app that lets you turn your pics into postcards to be sent to whomever. We've got 10 free postcards. I bet Grandma would love a postcard when baby travels.
California Baby Travel Set
I love this company and we will throw this in with our travel stash.
Tiny Love Jittering Giraffe
This guy came straight out of the box and was put to work, not on the stairs mind you. That's was just the best place at the moment to finally get his picture. My kid love the jittering aspect of this giraffe. I love the clip which makes it super easy to move around. We also got a 20% off coupon for use at until 8/31. 
The value of this months box is about $38, and that's not including the travel sized California Baby products. That's pretty good considering what I paid for it and I will be able to use all the products I received. 

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