Friday, July 26, 2013

Juniper - July

I've got a new love. Juniper offers a monthly delivery for your period. Finally, a reason to look forward to that dreaded week. When you sign up you get some options in regards to what brand you want, if you need panty-liners, wipes, and pain relief. In following months you can totally change it up. You also get a stash of yummy goodies to help get you by. All this for $28 per month. If you mention Where The Submarine Takes Us you'll get 50% off your first box!!

Here's what comes in the mail. Totally discreet.

First thought: So pretty :)

A letter from the CEO, Lynn. 
 The Goods:
 Inside the shiny gold sack are a selection of panty liners as well as some Midol.
An assortment of Tampax Pearl tampons. There is also a How To guide in case you don't know what you're doing :)
 The yummy part....
 Dang Coconut Chips
 Teatulia Teas & Fisher Honey Bee Honey Sticks
There were 3 honey sticks but the Pina Colada didn't even last long enough for a photo.
 Torn Ranch Chocolate Chip Cookies
 Rip Van Wafels
 Heliotrope Black Fig Cardamon Massage Candle
 The back of Lynn's note lists all the goodies in this months box.

Juniper box makes a miserable time fun. All the supplies you need plus snacks and goodies.  Now that I've received my first box I can let them know how to customize it for next month. More Midol! Just kidding. $14 for your first month when you tell them Where The Submarine Takes Us sent you :)

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