Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seriously Saturday

Here is what's making me say Seriously! today.

I have a large personal bubble. I absolutely hate when you are standing in line and the person behind you is inches away. I'll actually "accidentally" step back and run into the person to get them to back off. A lot of the rest of the world however has a very small social personal bubble. It's one of the worst parts of vacationing for me. I had strange people actually leaning on me! Seriously, back off Frenchie! (not to offend any Frenchies - but they really seem to have NO personal bubble).

I seriously hope Zimmerman is guilty of something. Following around an unarmed person and the shooting him when he confronts you is not what the Stand Your Ground law was created for. And just so it's clear... I totally support that law.

My kid loves the Asian ladies!! Turns out they love him and his big blues and he picked up on this quite quickly during our trip this week. Now, whenever he sees an Asian woman, he becomes the biggest ham, gives them his best smile, and bats his lashes!

The dental saga continues - pregnancy seems to have really jacked up my teeth. I have never had issues like this. The good new is I got my root canal and my faith in military wives was restored. A very wonderful Navy wife, Mary, watched the little man for me. And of course... just days after I needed them the Child Development Center started taking kids hourly again. Jerks.

That's all for this Saturday!


  1. Don't you just hate military daycare? Sorry about the dental issues but hope everything works out.

  2. LOL... I feel like you really needed to get that stuff off your chest and I'm happy that you did! Good luck with the dental issues while pregnant, I know that is a pain. Oh, and I totally remember that same personal space issue when I travel to France many years ago. Good luck with that.