Thursday, August 29, 2013


$28 per month for all your time of the month needs plus some yummy treats for when the cravings strike. Let them know Where The Submarine Takes Us sent you and you'll get 50% off your first box! It's only good until the end of August so hurry up! The great thing about Juniper is that you pick your brand, and you can customize things to make it just right for you. I had Lynn switch up the number of Light, Regular, and Supers this month.
The discreet box.
The always hilarious note from CEO Lynn
The Goods
I didn't think you needed more photos of pads and tampons, but that is what you find in the white box and gold baggie along with some Midol.
479 Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn
You really can't go wrong with Popcorn for me.
Golden Earth Neroli Body Wash
This stuff is heavenly! Seriously, I LOVE it.
Numi Teas
I'm not much of a tea drinker, so the hubby will probably end up drinking my period teas :) Not the mint one, though. I love a good mint tea.
Donsuemor Chocolate Madeleines
These didn't last more than an a few hours, let alone to that special time. To be fair, though, I was crazy PMS'ing when I devoured these.
I LOVE honey stix, and yes, I just eat them straight up. Why bother adding them to the tea I don't love?
Nunes Farm Pistachios
Not my favorite but I will still enjoy them. I prefer sweet over salty.
Juniper has quickly become one of my favorite subscriptions. You can even tweet them using #lastbite and they will include more of your favorite in next months box. There are only a couple days left to get your first box for 50% off. All you have to do is email them after you sign up and let them know Where The Submarine Takes Us sent you! Ends Aug 31!

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