Thursday, August 29, 2013

Citrus Lane 6 Month Boy

Citrus Lane is a subscription tailored to the age of your child from infant to age 5. Plans range from $21 -$25 depending on how long you sign up for. Use code TAKEHALF for 50% off your first box.

So here's what we got. Don't pay attention to the crappy lighting in the photos. It was a weird day. Oh, and you should probably know this box is for a 6 month old boy.

The Goods
This is a cute little frog but my little man isn't very interested in him. I really think my kid is too old for it. He likes the hard plastic stackers right now to chew on, throw, or bang into things. I wil say that I found several products I really liked from this company while browing their website.
I'm over getting sanitizing wipes in my boxes. Plus, these are for hands. I'm not gonna carry this big thing around in my diaper bag.
This is a cute board book. We don't have any books that really dive into colors so it's a welcome addition.
Weleda Diaper Care
I rarely use diaper cream on my kid because he just doesn't need it. I did throw this in the suitcase on our last trip and actually used a little bit when I saw a slight red area and it cleared up immediately. Two thumbs up.
I don't have any of these yet so I am excited about it. My only complaint is the pattern. i guess the black and tan make it more boyish but the flowers? Not so much. Oh, well, I'll still use it.
So all told I received a value of $32.73 and I paid $21. Not bad at all. This definitely wasn't my favorite month but I still received some useful things. I'm thinking I may
age up" my kid a couple months by changing his birthday in my account profile. Sign up HERE and don't forget to use the promo code HALFOFF.
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  1. We got all the same things in our 8 month girl box (we got a yellow elephant stacker, and a pink cup strap though). I also got an aged up box as well this month (up to 12 mths...thinking that I'd get more of a variety of items), and I'm not really impressed with what I got in the aged up box. It was the EXACT same book as the 8 mths, we got a NutureMe packet of food, same hand wipes, and a wood worm. I think we'll be switching it up and trying a Stork Stack or Bluum box next month.

    Thanks again for the awesome Cara Box too! :)