Friday, August 30, 2013


 $30 per month for either an Expectant Mommies or New Mommies Box. I receive the New Mommies Box and it's mostly stuff for the little man with a little for me. MommiesFirst is based out of Canada but their shipping has always been pretty quick for me. They made some changes to their shipping process this month to make it even quicker in the U.S.

The Box
They mentioned that the new shippers were going to improve upon the problem with beat up boxes but mine didn't seem to fair much better than usual.
The envelope with my name hand written. Very nice touch.
The note inside indicated the theme is "Having Fun With Baby". 
The Goods
As always, Mommies First has the best info cards.
1 2 3 Busy Baby $4.99
I am always happy to see books in little man's boxes. 
Peek-a-Boo Panda $6.80
I love Melissa and Doug toys and I'm sure my kid will like this.
Munchkin Safety Bath Ducky $3.29
We already have a similar duck and honestly, we don't really use him for his intended purpose. We just stick our hand in the water to test the temp. My kid loves to play with his duckies, though!
My True Nature Lotion and Shampoo/Body Wash
I love bath samples because I'm super picky and like to try them out first. It's all about the smell to me and these smell great. I also love that the info cards give us a coupon for 30% off their website.
Ahava Purifying Mud Mask
I love Ahava products. So excited about this one.
I like the idea of these. I freaked out when I saw the foam handle on my nice stoller had a chunk missing. My only complaint, they are bright pink and orange. Not my style for anything let alone my blue stroller. Anybody get the black ones and wanna trade??

I really dig MommiesFirst. They only cater to kids up to age 1 at this point but I'm hoping they expand soon. It's hard to calculate value when you receive smaller sample sizes but the samples are quite large so I definitely received more merchandise than the $30 I paid. Check them out at MommiesFirst!

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