Saturday, August 31, 2013

Seriously Saturday

I've really fallen off the wagon with my Seriously Saturday's. So here we go....

Zulily is the bomb. Really. I ordered a pair of shoes for my little man a size larger than he is currently wearing. When I received them they were WAY too small. As you know, Zulily doesn't except returns or exchanges so I was basically out the money (they were $7 so it didn't exactly break the bank). I just recently noticed you can review the items you purchase on the Zulily website. So I gave the shoes 1 star and explained the sizing problem, only hoping they clarify the sizing the next time the run that company. The next day I got an email from Zulily apologizing and giving me a $7 credit on my account. The bomb. Seriously.

I had a very successful Georgia trip this week in that I came home with about a dozen mosquito bites and a couple dozen fire ant bites. Seriously, why don't I feel fire ants biting me until I'm swarmed with them?? I spent the entire week itching like a meth addict.

I am way behind on Glee. I've been busy!! I just watched the failed wedding of Will and Emma and I was nearly in tears watching Rachel and Finn sing that old school love song together. Heartbreak.

Did the Patriots seriously keep Tebow?? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Tebow has been cut by the Patriots as of this morning. All is right in the world again.

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