Friday, August 23, 2013

NatureBox and Coupon

Last month I had an epic fail and devoured my NatureBox without taking a single picture. My bad. So when it showed up today I tried to contain my excitement long enough to snap a few. The regular sized box contains 5 bags of snacks and is $19.95. I needed more than that so I get the Happy Snacker for 29.95 and it includes 10 bags (2 of each selection). They let you choose your own snacks now so I picked 4 and let them surprise me with the last.

The Box
Nature Box
 First Look

rice cracker
 Far East Rice Crackers
These aren't the spicy variety which is great for me. I don't do spicy. These were my surprise snack and I was very pleased.
nom nom
 Peanut Butter Nom Noms
One of my faves from NatureBox. I just wish there were more in each bag.
 Honey Crunch Crisps
These were awesome. Sweet like I like it.
 Toasted Sesame Sticks
These were pretty salty and not my favorite. I wouldn't order them again.
sunshine chip
 Sunshine Chips
I got these last month and loved them. I will probably order these vegetable chips next month, too.
healthy snack
So this is everything for $29.95. NatureBox is one of my favorite subscriptions and I highly recommend it. You can use the code ADDICTION for 30% off your first box. 

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