Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Giveaways Please!

I'm SO EXCITED to announce that I've teamed up with 5 other fabulous woman bloggers to form the group, United Box Bloggers! We all love writing reviews of subscription boxes and providing giveaways to our loyal followers. We decided, as a group, we can provide more value to the companies we work with. And for you, our amazing followers, we can bring you even better, multi-month giveaways! Sounds fun huh?

We started by hosting our own 6-month PopSugar Must Have giveaway and we've received a great response and feedback on it. What, you haven't entered to win our giveaway for 6 FREE MONTHS of PopSugar Must Have? No need to fret there's still time. Go here to enter

We have exciting news! Word of good blogger giveaways travels fast. We've had quite a few companies reach out to our group wanting to sponsor multi-month giveaways just for you! So far we'll be bringing you multi-month giveaways for Try the World, Taste Trunk, Clean Undie Club, M is for Monster, ScrubScriptions and Mia Tempo. And that's just the beginning :). We're working with many other companies and will announce more giveaways soon. 

So you're thinking "I want to win these fabulous giveaways", right? It's easy. You first need to follow all 6 blogs. Sure it's a bit of work upfront but once you follow us entering these amazing giveaways will be easy. Generally there will only be one other mandatory task after following our blogs. Easy, peasy!!! Of course we'll have some optional entries too so you can better your chances to win. 
Here are the 6 bloggers in United Box Bloggers. Take the time to visit their sites and follow them. They're amazing woman and bloggers. 

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