Saturday, August 3, 2013

Seriously Saturday

seriously saturday

I'm totally hoping for some fresh air for Southern Oregon. Forest fire season out there seriously sucks!

I scored a seriously awesome new camera with the insurance payout from the camera that was stolen out of my garage. That one was 5 years old and probably worth $5 but they gave me full value of a new camera.

I can't believe how far behind I am on my TV shows. It's been months since I've watched anything. What's new with Meredith? Damon? Jess? I've given up on PLL since there shows expire after a week on Hulu. And I'm totally looking forward to the Glee tribute to Cory Monteith even though I'm sure I will totally cry (even though I couldn't stand his character).

I mentioned to my husband that I have a lot of people check out my blog from Russia. He told me it is likely spies who found my site due to the word "Submarine" and are hoping for some secrets. I hope they are enjoying my reviews of nail polish.

I have some serious vaccinations I have to get for some upcoming travel and I am seriously freaking out! I HATE needles.

That's all I've got. What's up with you this week?

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  1. LOL at hubby and the submarine comment. I seem to have quite a few visits from China and other countries that don't really speak English as well. I'm grateful for them all. Guess that's where google translate comes in handy. Hope you're having a great Saturday. :)

    1. China seems less interested in me (or my husband) :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love your hubby's take on the Russian fans.

    I've been falling behind on TV as well - 49 episodes of Chopped that I have to get through. I've been hooked on two DVD box sets - Downton Abbey and Modern Family. I blame that for falling behind.

    Wishing you an amazing weekend.

    1. The hubby and I totally got hooked on Downton Abbey a few months back! We would anxiously await the baby going to bed so we could watch it undisturbed.