Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Favorites

I'm linking up with My Subscription Addiction to bring you my July favorites!

Cherry Lovers from Goodies
Yeah, I ordered 4 huge bags of these :)
OXO Roll Up Bib from Mommies First
I might be jumping the gun here because I haven't even finished this review, but finally a serious bib that actually sits normally around my kids shoulders and neck.
To be honest, I haven't even used the stuff. I just keep smelling/huffing it. I looooove the smell.
MiaBelleZza Gel Eyeline from Wantable
I LOVE gel eyeliner and didn't own a brown! 

I think I've used this everyday since I got it. Really, Wantable is hitting it out of the park for me.
What were your favorites this month?

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