Monday, September 16, 2013

Clean Undies Giveaway!

clean undie club

Everyone remember me telling you about Clean Undie Club a few weeks ago? Well, the undies have arrived and I've put my husband to work. I've got to say, he's been a trooper about this one. 

So here's what the man thought about Clean Undies. First let me say I have never seen my husband in anything other than boxers (9 years). He was actually kind of mortified that I made him put on boxer briefs. That being said, he really thought the undies were good quality. They are American Apparel - which means nothing to the hubby - but I know they are good stuff. I asked for a size Large for him but I probably should have asked for an Extra Large. He has massive runner thighs and he felt the undies were tight there. The amazing husband even let me snap some pics. Doesn't his butt look fabulous in these? 
boxer brief
 I am a huge fan of the boxer brief but Clean Undie Club also offers briefs for the more revealing man. At only 7.99 per month this is a steal. Again, American Apparel people. Boxer briefs are $16 on the American Apparel website. Save yourself a ton by going with Clean Undies.
But don't just listen to me. Check out what the other ladies of United Box Bloggers had to say about them:

Here is your chance to win a 3 month subscription to Clean Undie Club! Surprise the man in your life, or just sneak them into his undie drawer like I do with my husband. Seriously, he never realizes they are brand spankin new ones he's putting on.


  1. This would be for my hubby! I cannot tell you the last time he bought undies for himself...he only gets new ones if I buy them :)

  2. This sub would be for my husband. He wears his undies until they are threads (very revealing, lol).