Monday, October 21, 2013

BroBox 3 Month Giveaway

 This box is for the guys. I guess it's only fair we throw them a bone every so often. BroBox is an excellent way to send your man something special and yet unique. Each box contains items such as snacks, energy stuff, apps, games, tech and more. This makes an excellent birthday gift, anniversary present, or a care package for anyone in college or in the military. BroBox is not a subscription box. You can buy one as needed or buy a 3 or 6 month package.
 Boxes are $14.95 for a single month.
$39 for 3 Months
$72 for 6 Months

Take a look at what Subscription Box Mom has received in a couple of her boxes from BroBox:

BroBox is offering the UBB readers a chance to win a 3 Month Subscription! Enter below. Here are the other UBB's in case you need a refresher:

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