Friday, October 18, 2013


This could be my favorite Ipsy month yet. For just $10 a month I totally scored.
The Goods
The Bag - okay, I'm not loving this bag. It can go.
I used to use this stuff all the time, especially when my hair was shorter. I'm thrilled to get it. The had one that was just a couple ounces bigger on Amazon for $6.99 so I gave it a low estimate based off that.
I like Zoya polish (especially the Pixie stuff) but I don't love this color. It's a dark purple and I like lighter/brighter colors. I may find a new home for this one.
Yes, Yes, Yes. I love cleansing wipes (because I'm too lazy/tired to wash my face like a grownup) and I'm running low. Plus, we'll be hitting the road soon and these will come in handy. Believe it or not, I haven't tried LA Fresh yet. Somehow in all the sub boxes they come in I never get it! Price is calculated based on larger pack.
I have several shadow brushes but this is more of a contouring short stubbly one. I'm excited to see what I can manage with it. Because it's not my lack of makeup talent, it's the wrong tools, right?
Okay, so I know this is just Wet n Wild which you can find in almost any teenage girls backpack, but I freakin love the colors. They are perfect for me and just a little bit different from my usual colors.

So the value for the entire thing is $24.70. This is probably my favorite bag from Ipsy, yet, aside from the actual bag. I just checked it out and Ipsy ships to APO/DPO/FPO addresses! Yay for me! Ipsy is going to Japan with me!

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