Friday, October 25, 2013

PoopBuddy Coupon!

That's right. It's says poop. PoopBuddy has arrived to keep you stocked up on doggy poop bags. These aren't your run of the mill pet shop variety that come in grey or blue. These are stylin. For just $8-10 per month depending on the plan you choose you get 4 themed rolls plus treats and/or accessories. PoopBuddy was kind enough to stock me up for the month so I could share my thoughts with you. 
Could this package be any cuter?
I'm surprised but happy to see an info card. I guess I wouldn't expect one with poop bags :)
eco friendly bag
The variety I received. I love Halloween so this was an awesome assortment to get. 
This stuff takes the stink out! Perfect for those occasions when you have to carry a used bag around for a bit until you can locate a trash. I hate when the stink follows you for miles along a nice hike!
Here's why I like this dispenser: It's not shaped like a fire hydrant or a bone. Again, that's all you'll find in a pet store. This one is useful but not cheesy and the flashlight at the end is quite handy.
I'm quite please with my PoopBuddy package. Poop bags do double duty in my house because I also keep a roll of them in my diaper bag for when we are out and about and there isn't a means of disposing of a diaper right away. I'm excited to see what patterns they come up with next! 

Don't forget to use the code SUBMARINE to score 20% off your first month!

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review! Can't wait to show off our November package :)