Thursday, October 24, 2013

RocksBox Free Month

I received my first RocksBox today and I couldn't wait to rip into it. This subscription is like having your own personal jewelry stylist. After taking a style quiz they send you 3 pieces worth an average of $200. You are then free to wear them around to decide if they are right for you. If not, you simply enclose them in the prepaid envelope provided to you and send them back! If you want to keep them you get 20% off the retail price. After you return the pieces you don't want and give your feedback regarding all pieces you received they send you a new set. So the more boxes you get the more your stylist gets to know just what you like. At just $19 a month you get to sport all sorts of new jewelry, even if you end up sending it back when you are done with it! You can also send them back immediately if you know they aren't right for you and have a new set sent. Regardless of how many swaps you do per month it's only $19. If you follow any of my links on this post you will get your first month free. Canceling can be done right on your account page. 

So here's what I got:
The Package
The Box and the return envelope.
I was dying to get it open at this point.
Bing Band Double Trident Ring
Gamine Lia Earrings
Ava Long Layered Necklace in Mixed metals. 

I know in my survey I indicated I was fine with gold, but this seemed like a lot of gold to me. The earrings were a definite no because they are way too long for me. I guess my ears are to close to my shoulders because the ends of these are actually resting on my shoulders. The necklace was hard to photograph but it's delicate and pretty. The ring may be a little too edgy for me. The issue is that the RocksBox quiz asks you things like if your style is romantic, edgy, bohemian, rock, etc. Maybe I like to think I'm a little edgy/rock-n-roll but in reality maybe I'm not.  Regardless, I'm going to put in my thoughts on this box and I can't wait for the next one. Don't forget that you can get your first box free by clicking HERE or on any other link in this post..

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