Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last Chance to Win 2 Months of Skoshbox!!

My favorite Japanese snack box. For only $12 a month I've been getting a little tease of Japan - since that is where I'm moving next month! Skoshbox is generously giving one of my readers a two month subscription to celebrate my upcoming move.
The Box
Inside the Box
The Goods
 Hanatsumi Jelly
Sakuma Drop Candy
 Bisco Creme Biscuits
Yakiniku/Unagi Strips
Yuki No Yado Senbei
Pretz Salad
Meiji Fruit Gummies
Fujiya Lollipop
 Choco Pie

For only $12 a month this is a super fun subscription. Some of the items I would never imagine trying but I find them quite good! Enter below for your chance at a 2 month subscription!

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