Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lalaalu - Urban Roller

Lalaalu has recently switched from a monthly subscription box to a no strings attached, urban themed, monthly box which allows you to preview before you purchase. Of course they made this switch a week or so after I purchased a six month subscription after being very pleased with my initial box. They intend to fulfill all subscriptions with these new boxes and hopefully I won't be disappointed in my investment.

This months box for my 3 month old was Urban Roller - part of the Urban Cruiser June theme. It's intended to get my man ready to hit the streets this summer.

Here it is!

The info sheet:

Bathtime Baby Hair and Body Wash 

This is a full size bottle and it smells good. Fresh and a little masculine which will work for my little man. I have a drawer full of shampoo/body washes now from my subscriptions but eventually I'll get around to using it. 

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35
$15 on Lalaalu info sheet but available on Amazon for $9.85 on their subscribe and save plan (when you purchase 5 items a month, which I do)

We are doing some traveling this summer while my husband can get the time off work so I'm happy to have more sunscreen. Again, we've been sent quite a few bottles of sunscreen in our subscription boxes lately but hopefully we get around to using them all. This sunscreen like most others isn't recommended until your child hits the 6M mark and my little one won't hit that until August. I'm curious what the deal with that recommendation is and if I want to push it a little. I haven't had a chance to do my research so feel free to give me your input on this one. 

Plum Organics Little Yums and Greek Yogurt Pouches
$10 per Lalaalu/$7.37 Babies R Us

I love Plum Organics and I'm always happy to see them in a box - even if I already have a bunch. My kid is just gearing up for his adventure into actual food. I did not have any of the Little Yums just yet, so that was a nice change. Not sure when to expect my kid to be ready for these, but they don't expire until Feb of 2014 so that gives us plenty of time. I listed the Babies R Us price because Amazon doesn't sell the pouches individually. If you purchase them by the box the price per pouch makes them even cheaper, however. Under $7 for 2 plus the Yums. 

Urban Babies Wear Black
$6.95 per Lalaalu/ $6.25 on Amazon

This is where subscribing to an "Urban" box doesn't work so well for us. We are more of a country suburb kind of family. So my kid doesn't do yoga. He doesn't visit galleries. He doesn't attend the opera. And he's never been in a taxi. I might pass this book along to an urban mama.

Early Lingo: Part 1 of 12 Spanish

The info sheet from Lalaalu says I can impress the lunch bunch crew by ordering a pear in French. But this video is for Spanish?? I'm not sure how I feel about this video. I'm a new parent so I'm still living in the bubble of thinking my kid won't be watching any tv/videos any time soon. And while Spanish is very valuable to learn, my husband and I don't speak it at all (we both took German in school), so it would be difficult to practice with the kid. 

This months box also came with a $25 gift card for Zeel - a massage on demand company. Unfortunately, it's only available in NY so it does me no good. Any NY'ers interested? 

Also included were a couple coupons for Plum Organics which I will surely use. 

All told I value this box at $55.97 per Amazon and Babies R Us. I did not include the gift card which I cannot use or the coupons. So it's a great deal for what I actually paid (about $23.33 per month with the subscription). The boxes now run between $30 - $40 per month plus $4.95 shipping and handling. You do get to see what you are getting before buying, though. I'm curious to see how the boxes will be in the future now that the subscriptions have ended.

Try them out at and tell them wherethesubmarinetakesus sent you!

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