Friday, June 21, 2013

Petit Vour - June

Petit Vour is a luxurious cruelty free beauty sampler. I was super impressed with last month so I was excited to see this one waiting for me.

The always appreciated info card.

I just love the simplicity of the packaging. Black tissue paper with the little string. Simple but very cute.

The goods.


I was really disappointed when I saw the Barre in my box. I received one of these in another box last month and I actually spit the first bite out and threw the whole thing away. But this one was a different flavor (Cinnamon Pecan) so I gave it a try and it was sooo much better. I ate the whole thing. I probably wouldn't purchase them myself... but if someone handed it to me I would eat it.

I just had to share what it looks like inside... super gross looking. But again, I ate it :)

Anti-Wrinkle Complex, Eye Complex, Xfoliator

I tried all the products this morning but didn't notice anything immediate. You really need to use skincare products for a couple weeks before you get some results. That being said, the smell was mild, I liked the textures, and nothing weird has happened to my skin in the last few hours. I did find it strange that the eye cream came in such a large sample where as the exfoliator was much smaller. Usually eye cream comes in the smallest packet. It will likely last me all week. 

Baudelaire Acorelle Perfume

I don't have a signature scent. I like to wear different perfumes daily depending on my mood (that is, when I remember to put it on). This may not be a scent I would choose for myself - but I will use it for sure. For those days I don't feel like myself and want to smell like someone else, too! 

$15 Gift Certificate to

I guess there was some controversy regarding this gift certificate because it doesn't cover shipping. Petit Vour showed off their customer service skills however and offered to give points for the shipping cost. I'm pleased with their response to this and will be ordering from MineralHygienics just as soon as I can make up my mind what I want. Eye shadow? Liner? Mascara? 

Overall, I'm happy with this box. I'm even more happy with Petit Vour's customer service. I belong to some Facebook subscription box groups with hundreds of followers and when a company lacks in customer service those ladies are vicious! I have seen mass exodus for some subscription boxes based on how they treat their customers. I'll be sticking with Petit Vour.

Monthly boxes are $15 - a little less if you commit to a longer term. When you sign up email Petit Vour and let them know I sent you!


  1. With a name like Petitvour - I expected you to review a box of yummy little cakes with tiny flowers on top.

  2. That sounds fantastic. I think my dream subscription would be cupcakes. I wonder if there is one out there.....