Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seriously Saturday

So, seriously, what's the deal with Seriously Saturday? Well, anyone who knows me knows I say "seriously" a lot. I think it may stem from spending my pre-teen years in Cali. Like, seriously. I've had several people, including employers, call me out on it. Seriously. So here we are, a few things this week that made me say Seriously!

I weigh more today (4 months post kid pop) than I did when my kid was only 2 months. Seriously!! I need to find the motivation to get back on board the C25K. Running seems to be the only way I lose weight. That along with putting down the Oreo's. I've also challenged to a 30 day Ab Challenge. I'm doing it.

I hate the dentist. Unfortunately, I seem to need to go a lot. I've worked in the dental field so I'm very aware that there are good and not so good dentists. Problem is, it's hard to identify them before you've been and had some work done. Especially when you move someplace new and don't know anyone in the dental field. I had a filling done two weeks ago by a local dentist and it's still bothering me. I've been back a couple times now and I'm just not confident this chick knows what she's doing. I need a couple more fillings..... should I stay with her or move on?

What really sucks?? Dropping an entire bottle of breastmilk on the floor.

My husbands current obsession with a Star Wars video game is driving me bananas. Seriously, you're an adult. With a kid. Put down the controller.

I hit a dog with my car this week. It was dark and the dog was black standing in the middle of a busy road. I felt HORRIBLE. I'm a total dog lover and all I could think about was that I killed some kids dog. Luckily the dog seemed to be okay. The seriously part, however, was that the owners came out of the house after hearing the dog squeal and were not surprised nor upset in the slightest. Oh, you hit our dog? Yeah, it happens. What?? Seriously.

I still have no idea where we are moving in November. More cities keep getting thrown into the mix (including different countries). At this point I don't care where, I just want to know!! Seriously, someone make a decision.

That's it for this Saturday (okay, so technically it's about 4am Sunday). I'm not good with deadlines.

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