Saturday, July 6, 2013

Seriously Saturday

I'm behind on my Dexter (we don't do cable or dish or anything so I'm always behind on these premium shows. But Oh My God - is he gonna get caught? This is suspenseful! How am I going to avoid hearing the ending of season 8 until is comes out on DVD and I can watch it?

My laptop is about five years old. It had a reject battery from the get go but it's progressively gotten worse. It actually swelled and caused the track pad to have issues. After years of this I finally bought a new battery. Seriously, it's like I have a new computer. It is sooo exciting!

My kid slept through all the massive fireworks on our street. And they seriously do it big here. As in the CO2 kind. Going off at the same time from different houses. I was glad we stayed home because it was really very beautiful.

My husband has the summer off work. I'm happy for him - he deserves the break. But is he seriously going to sleep in everyday until noon when I am up every single morning with our kid??

Is it vacation time yet, seriously? I'm ready....


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