Monday, August 12, 2013

Ellie Fit Fashionista

Ellie's Fit Fashionista Club is $49.95 per month and you get 2 pieces of workout gear. When you use the coupon code BFF20 you'll get 20% off. You can choose the 2 items yourself or let them pick for you based on your preferences. I picked my own and here's what I got:

These items are really good quality. Not cheap stuff. It might be hard to see in the photo but the dark color is navy blue, not black which I really like. I do feel extremely large based on their sizing: I got the Large pants and the XLarge top. I'm about a size 6. I may send the top back for a smaller size. Overall it's a little too large but the elastic band for the built in bra barely fits over my large rack. There is no way I could even manage yoga in this top without a sports bra underneath but I've never met a built in bra top that could handle me. I do love that Ellie lets you skip a month. It's a little too spendy for me to do monthly (and lets face it... I'm not very consistent with my workouts right now) but maybe every other month? Quarterly? Definitely try them out HERE and don't forget to use BFF20.

Has everyone signed up for the 6 Month PopSugar Giveaway??

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