Monday, August 12, 2013

Traveling Baby - Niagara Falls

Okay, this post has taken forever to write, but here we go.

We hit the road with Benji and headed towards Niagara Falls last month. This was really our first road trip with the little man as well as our first touristy vacation with hotels and all and him. These last few months as we have traveled we've stayed with family. So with all this new territory out there we were a little worried. What we found out is that this little man is a great traveler.

It took 9 hours from our door to Canada. This included a couple stops to feed everyone and to refuel. It also took us about an hour to cross into Canada. 

It probably wasn't smart with the kid and all but we decided to do some hotel hopping on this trip. Even though we stayed in Niagara, we were in a different hotel every night. This sort of happened because I saw a deal on Living Social for a nice hotel with a dinner package. It sounded great but we did not want to get it for several nights and have to eat dinner at the same steak joint the whole time we were there. I looked into the regular room rate at the hotel and it was outrageous!! So we agreed on one night there and we would stay somewhere else the rest of the time. Without confusing you too much I'll just say we couldn't work it out to stay consecutive nights anywhere else. It ended up being fun to see experience the different hotels. The only problem was lugging all that kid crap around. 
So of course we hit all the tourist spots. Maid of the Mist was fun! My kids new stroller came with a rain cover that I thought was really stupid. Why would I ever use that, I thought? Turns out it came in handy in Niagara Falls. We visited a couple forts, because any vacation with my husband involves a fort. We went to several different wineries where mommy got a little tipsy because she hardly drinks anymore.
We planned to stay for 4 days but found that there was a lot more to do around Niagara Falls then we thought. So we stayed an extra night. 
Overall, I loved this trip. More than I thought I would. I would actually love to go back in the winter to see it covered in snow. If you get the chance to go, it is breathtaking. 

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