Tuesday, August 6, 2013



 Mommies First offers Expectant Mommies and New Mommies Boxes
$30 per month
The Box:
 First Look: I was super impressed to see an envelope with my name hand written on it. Inside was a card from Lorena welcoming me to MommiesFirst and explaining the theme which is Food 2.0: Rounding Out The Menu. I aged my son up to 7 months for this subscription.
mommies first
This is by far the best info sheet(s) I've seen. All the cards are pin together with an old school diaper pin. You get a ton of info on each product from how to use, where to find, price, and more.
subscription box
 The Goods:
family box
 Happy Baby Stage 2 Food
I love these. Enough said.
Okay, I'll say a little more. We also received some coupons for Happy Family products. The kind that don't expire until sometime next year. I hate when you have to use them with 2 weeks!
happy baby
 Happy Squeeze
This are pouches for adults. I received another flavor in a different box and loved it so much I bought a bunch from Amazon. I am excited to try this Orange Mango flavor.
happy squeeze
 Penny Lane Natural Lavender Mist
I love using lavender sprays on my sheets and towels! I'm not convinced it helps me to sleep but I do like the smell.
 OXO On-The-Go Feeding Spoon
This spoon seems to have a good sized scoop which is good because my kid likes the food shoveled in. He gets very irritated with the shallow spoons that don't hold much.
 Little Green Pouch
I'm trying to make about half of all of the little man's food myself so I will definitely use this.
little green pouch
 OXO Roll Up Bib
This is a great bib. First, I love that the closure works for little necks and big necks. It's velcro but it's a big stretch of it. I also love the soft material around the neck. I find that the hard plastic ones just don't sit right on my kid.
oxo tot
 Oliver's Label Wall Decals
While these seem like very good quality I had to laugh. I'm not a big fan of birds, and my last home had random birds painted on the walls in the hallways and such. It drove me nuts. I'm not sure what I'll do with these. I also got a voucher for free labels. 
olivers labels
I am totally impressed with Mommies First. It shipped from Canada but it arrived super fast after I got the shipping notification. I can't find any coupon codes and they don't offer a referral program but I highly recommend this one.

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