Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Ipsy is a monthly subscription that sends you beauty items. 
$10 per month.
The Goods
This could be my favorite bag yet. Love the blue.
I don't really need another black eyeliner. I rarely wear black.
At first this polish looked kinda brown, which I was not digging. However, after I put it on it was actually more of a burgandy red. Totally made me thing "vampire red". I have no idea why.
This one bums me out because I love Cailyn products (I keep getting them in my Wantable boxes) and I love this balm, but it is bright red. I'm not a red lip kind of gal.
This is an approximate value based on the larger size on their website. I love little mascaras. I never use a full tube of the big stuff.
A royal purple color. I like it and can use it.

The value of this months Ipsy is an astounding $56.17. I'm disappointed in a lot of the colors I received, but for $10 I'm still a happy customer.


  1. Now I might switch from birchbox to ipsy. I like thay box way better.

  2. I signed up for Ipsy but I'm on a waiting list. I hope it's not a long wait.