Thursday, September 19, 2013


Wantable is an awesome monthly service that lets you pick between makeup, jewelry, or intimates. Right now they even have a Halloween box. Each box is $36 with a subscription and you can pause or cancel them at any time. I've been getting the makeup box and I'm super impressed with their questionnaire which really narrows it down to make sure you get products you'll love.
The Box
The Goods
Now, before you go thinking you are missing some items let me explain. I was missing an item plus I received the nail polish in a different color than what the info sheet said I was getting. I contacted customer service via their website and within a couple days I had new polish and the makeup brush to make up for the sample they were out of. Wonderful customer service.
I really like both of these colors. I wouldn't choose FancyPants(brown) for myself but after I tried it out I really liked it. Nookie (pink) is spot on for me.
cailyn eyeliner
Ok, Wantable, I know I told you I like gel eyeliner but it's been in my last 3 boxes. I'm covered for the time being.
I'm thrilled with this brush they sent me to make up for the missing item (and this brush is WAY better than the silly samples I was missing). I wish I would get more tools. Maybe I need to change my preferences.
This nude color doesn't show up on my eyelids at all. 
I find it a little strange that I can't find this specific mascara even on Cailyn's website. I've used pricing from another of their mascaras. This one is subtle. Not very dramatic. 

This box had an impressive value of $106.64. Of course, that does include the extras I got.
I love my Wantable Makeup boxes but I'm putting it on hold for October and trying out the Intimates box. I can't wait to see what I get.

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  1. This definitely looks like a great box! Thanks for sharing!!!