Saturday, September 21, 2013


It's the "That Time Of The Month" box.  For $28 a month you get all your necessities (tampons, pads, pain relief) plus all those other essentials like sweets. I was beyond excited for this months box because the theme was Chocolate. Seriously, I would enjoy a chocolate box every month.
Great presentation as usual along with Lynn's letter and the info on all the goods.
 The Goods
The white box holds the tampons and the gold bag has an assortment of pads plus Midol.
 Nature's Kick Honey Sticks
Chocolate, caramel, and wildflower. Guess which one was my favorite?
 Sasso Bar
I had never heard of this but it was fabulous. Where do I find more?
 Bart's Extreme Chocolate Chip Cookies
At first I didn't get it. The first nibble was okay. But then I got to the soft center and realized just how wonderful these little bites are.
 Mighty Leaf Tea
Alright, to be honest I haven't drank a single tea from any of my Juniper boxes. They look yummy.... I just never think of it.
 Toffee Talk
8 Flavors of Tree Chocolate Leaves
8? ... you might be thinking? But I only see 7? That's because one didn't last long enough to make it into the photo. The other 7 were quickly consumed after their picture. These just might make my favorites list for September. They are definitely a contender.

Want your first box for 50% off? You're going to want to click HERE and retweet the link. When you sign up just mention your Twitter handle.

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